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A consistent approach to scoring patient recovery is essential for research purposes and is desirable for routine clinical application. This training programme was prepared by Professor K. R. Lees in association with the Media Services Department of the University of Glasgow, with the assistance of an educational grant from AstraZeneca.

The support and co-operation of staff in the Acute Stroke Unit & Cerebrovascular Clinic of the Western Infirmary, Glasgow and of Drumchapel Hospital, Glasgow is gratefully acknowledged.

Patients shown in the recordings gave consent to use of this material for teaching and research purposes. Unauthorised copying, sale or distribution of the material is prohibited.

Reliability of the Modified Rankin Scale Across Multiple Raters

Prof Kennedy Lees

The prognostic value of the modified Rankin Scale

Halving Effort in Acute Stroke Trials

Extract from SG Cowen Therapeutic Outlook 02/10/2007

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Rankin Scale

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The only independent program focused solely on modified Rankin Scale education.

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